Quality is our guide

Our claim to quality is not only confirmed in the result, it shows us the way in every stage of the process. We invest in capacity, knowledge and our people. In this way we guarantee customer-oriented advice, the necessary speed and flexibility, but above all our competence in work preparation and craftsmanship. We want you to take every step with us with conviction and pleasure.

Concept / Design – Design and visualization

Our credo is: More is always possible. Form, colour, material and representational digital techniques are therefore virtuously combined in interdisciplinary teams. From floor plans and hand drawings to 3D renderings and detailed concept development. The result is high-quality, individualised and special room planning. With exquisite and always innovative material suggestions.

Project management – consulting and control

Our technical project managers are involved in all creative processes from the very beginning. In this way we ensure that even the most unusual ideas are realised with perfect craftsmanship, on time and on any scale. In consultation with all parties involved in the process, time and budget planning, material purchasing, work preparation, technical control and finally production, assembly and installation take place at the location of your choice.

In project management, we combine many years of planning experience with technical and logistical expertise. Each production step is monitored in detail. And this from people who identify with our company to a high degree and are honestly enthusiastic about the concerns of our customers.

Manufacturing – capacity and craft

For our customers we afford something that others cannot: our own paint room, a bench room, our own locksmith’s shop, lighting and electrical equipment and a large material store. This allows us to work quickly, flexibly, precisely and highly individually. And all this on our 30,000m2 premises with our own ultra-modern CNC-controlled production and a modern warehouse management system with component tracking. This means that we can also implement really large projects safely.

Most importantly, however, is our stable team of versatile and truly brilliant craft specialists. Technical draftsmen, timber engineers, wood technicians and master carpenters combine the latest technology with traditional craftsmanship to achieve a particularly high level of vertical integration and thus unique in-house quality. They are also the ones who personally ensure the professional installation at the location of your choice.

All of this is done in a sustainable circular economy: we use wood chips to heat, solar panels to generate electricity, and each of us ensures the efficient use of materials and possible multiple uses.