Green possibilities in trade fair construction

We have known for a long time that we bear responsibility.

Sustainability and exhibition stand construction – a challenge we have been facing for decades. Wood is our material. We love wood! And wood is one of the most important resources on our planet. Therefore:

For us, sustainability is not just a word, but a value.

18,000 square meters of covered storage space, our modular exhibition system, modern machinery, the environmental management system with DIN 14001 certification and our 95-strong team with a conscience make many sustainable opportunities possible. We can already exploit some of these opportunities – together with you, we can achieve much more!

We create space – this also applies to sustainability.

The basis for a sustainable project is its early conception and planning. An investment that pays off. The earlier we can plan a project, the more opportunities we can exploit:

#1 Opportunities
in the use of materials

  • Reduced and efficient material planning
  • Use of environmentally friendly and recyclable materials (including FSC / PEFC certification)
  • Professional disposal and recycling
  • Efficient and responsible wood processing (optimizing offcuts, storing offcuts, using green electricity, conscious use of varnish)

#2 Opportunities
through multiple use

  • Reuse of the exhibition stand
  • Customization options for existing exhibition stands
  • Exhibition stand extensions
  • Rental of exhibition stands and elements
  • Cooperation with initiatives for reuse (e.g. the donation of plants)
  • Favorite use of our modular exhibition system, as it is 100% reusable

#3 Opportunities
in transportation & logistics

  •  Working with regional partners wherever possible for short transportation routes
  • More efficient time management, such as travel guidelines (e.g. combining appointments, carpooling)
  • Use of reusable crates for transporting materials
  • Avoid empty runs through cross-project logistics planning
  • Efficient pre-packaging at 8 loading bays
  • Packaging material favored from recycled materials
  • Dynamic, intelligent panel storage system that saves space and finds every panel
  • CO2 savings through weight reduction during transport of our modular aluminum display system

#4 Opportunities
through energy management

  •  Up to 100% green electricity, our photovoltaic system has been covering 55% of our own consumption since 2016
  • Wood waste is converted into heat
  • B1 materials are largely recycled
  • Our machines only run as required
  • Our forklifts & co. run electrically
  • 100% LED lighting – even at trade fair stands almost exclusively
  • Paper reduction thanks to digital workflow
  • Continuous investment in modern machines

#5 Opportunities that
we like to take advantage of

  • 500 square meters of bee pasture on our roof
  • We ensure the planting of hundreds of trees
  • Tree diversity also on our own site from almost 100 different tree species
  • “Job bike” subsidy
  • Gradual switch to hybrid and electric vehicles
  • All employees share the value of “sustainability” and behave in a resource-saving manner

#6 Opportunities
through your project

  • Your will brings more responsible projects
  • Your time enables more influence in the “conception & planning” phase
  • Your investment paves the way for a more sustainable future in exhibition stand construction

We know that it won’t be easy

The trade fair world is characterized by short reaction times and quick decisions. We therefore see our mission of “sustainability” as a challenge and offer opportunities. As you can see, there are a number of factors that enable environmentally conscious action in exhibition stand construction in terms of material use, energy consumption and disposal. The most important factors are your conviction and the opportunities we are given to work for you at an early stage, with high quality and maximum sustainability.

I look forward to new opportunities with you

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Communication, Sales & Development

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Messebau Ansprechpartnerin Marijke Neu von Winkels Interior aus Kleve NRW