What matters in interior design

In order to design interiors of high aesthetic-artistic as well as technical-constructive quality, very special expertise is required. Winkels Interior Design Exhibition has its origins in high-quality exhibition stand construction, and over more than five decades has also specialised in overall concepts and detailed solutions for the interiors of buildings or yachts, as well as pop-up stores, pavilions or event settings. Our architects and designers create clever and representative solutions for foyers, museums and company headquarters, design shops, offices or restaurants. Room details such as individual furniture design or exclusive kitchen concepts are also part of our range of services. As Winkels Interior we realise all this not only according to the highest aesthetic criteria, but also within the desired time and budget plan.

Interior design without borders

With a reputable and inspired interior design partner, successful interior design starts with the right questions:

  • Are there basic formal criteria of design?
  • Which structural room division is desired?
  • What material requirements should the room concept be based on?
  • Do colour and light preferences exist?
  • How may furniture be constructed and arranged?
  • Are there any requests for the integration of special technology and media?

With the right answers for the client, tailor-made concepts are created, which can be perfectly implemented from the design to project supervision, object and cost monitoring to documentation and handover. Winkels Interior stands for particularly innovative spatial experiences that combine aesthetics and technology with the latest demands of the target group or client.

Mirroring personality

Individual interior design means: no wish is too unusual, no demand too high. When needs and tasks are carefully assessed, an interior becomes as unique as the people who live or work in it. For Winkels Interior Design Exhibition, among other things, the innovative use of materials is a focus of every individual planning solution. In our own workshop we have every scope to produce distinctive objects from first-class materials. And what is also important: first-class interior design does not need one genius, but many clever heads who are up to date with the latest technical knowledge and work in perfect harmony with each other. With us, this means: 75 competent, permanently employed specialists guarantee the success of your projects – from design to installation. With their different backgrounds and strengths, they achieve a harmonious interplay of design, material and manufacturing quality.

Event construction and yacht fitting

For events or film sets, temporary special constructions, set-ups and extensions are needed that are usually tailored to the emotional experience. These can be: Stage back walls, press walls, room-in-room designs, cladding, pathways or other temporary structures. This is also part of professional interior design: the combination of uncompromising quality and practical handling, such as the fastest possible assembly and dismantling.

Moving objects such as a sailing yacht also need to be individually designed. Counters, bars, wall cabinets and seating can be functional, hold their value and yet be totally unique. The selection of materials and their high-quality processing play a central role here. Only experienced specialists can combine the demanding aesthetic ideas of owners and shipyards with safe compliance with standards and regulations. After all, high-quality ship interior fittings place the highest demands on technical planning and craftsmanship.

What should make your interior design stand out?