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ISH is the world’s leading trade fair for the responsible management of water and energy in buildings. Dornbracht International GmbH – a manufacturer of premium fittings and accessories for bathrooms, kitchens and spa facilities – used the 2019 edition to present a number of trends and innovations in the fields of “individualisation” and “healthiness”. The main priority was to provide a suitable setting for the demonstration of the new design concept for the firm’s Meta fittings as well as the multi-sensory AquamoonATT shower. In addition to the pitch-perfect creation of an authentic ambience that highlights the form, colour and function of each individual product, all projects carried out by Winkels on behalf of Dornbracht involve special requirements in terms of lighting and the supply of power and water.

Held in Frankfurt, the biennial ISH fair welcomes over 2,000 exhibitors to its halls and is the world’s largest exhibition of innovative bathroom design, energy-efficient heating/air-conditioning technology and renewable energies. It is therefore vital that preparations for the event run as smoothly as possible. Our experienced team of planners, electricians, design engineers and craftsmen ensures that the Dornbracht stand not only fulfils all technical and aesthetic criteria for the high-quality presentation of the firm’s brand and products, but also stands out from the crowd of exhibitors.

Since 1995 Dornbracht has trusted Winkels with the presentation of its products at numerous trade fairs and events. Stand concepts and designs are always provided by the Cologne-based Meiré und Meiré agency. The longstanding partnership between the companies is characterised by a common desire to achieve nothing but the utmost in quality – and to do it quickly and flexibly. To give an example, just two months after the 920-square-metre Dornbracht stand was used at ISH 2019 we packed the various modules onto a plane bound for New York and reassembled them in time for the firm’s appearance at ICFF 2019.

“We’ve been working with Winkels for almost as long as we have with Dornbracht – over 20 years. Winkels have always proved themselves to be a highly qualified, dependable partner, regardless of whether we’ve asked them to build a trade fair stand or a set for a photo shoot. That versatility is a huge advantage for a creative agency like us, as is their in-depth understanding of Dornbracht’s requirements and expectations. In Winkels we have a partner who shares our commitment to quality and precision and is in a position to handle demanding projects reliably and professionally – from transport and logistics through to detailed planning and assembly.” Mike Meiré, Designer, Art Director, Artist & Curator at Meiré und Meiré GmbH & Co. KG

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ISH 2019, Frankfurt

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