Successfully designing a trade fair stand

For a trade fair stand to be successful, it needs an individual stand concept. The decisive factor is not the size, but the idea and above all the quality of the implementation. Visitors should immediately feel invited when they see it. Brand architecture and communication are increasingly coming into focus here.

Stand out from the crowd

A good stand builder knows that a successful stand has to be a crowd puller. Where visitors are confronted with such a flood of offers as at a trade fair, you have to stand out from the crowd. And: It must be possible to meet people at the trade fair stand. Anyone who designs a trade fair stand professionally therefore brings trade fair and marketing experts, designers, architects, project managers and production together at one table. Of course, it is best if they work together in a team like the one at Winkels. This team defines the desired experience of the trade fair visitor and selects stand elements, materials, colours and processing details accordingly.

Interior design plus trade fair construction

We from
Winkels Interior Design Exhibition
have been active for decades in the
active. The way we plan a trade fair stand down to the last detail is, however, at the same time characterised by a high standard and experience in the
Interior Design
. This opens up creative possibilities and thinking beyond the classic stand elements. When we design a trade fair stand, it is always about making it as easy as possible for you in terms of communication between brand and consumer: You should be able to present products, objects and offers successfully and conduct sales talks more effectively. Routine stands in the way of success in this case. As trade fair professionals, we therefore get to grips with you and your advertising and marketing concept from the ground up in order to develop the right stand concept.

Differences lie in the details

Walls, counters, displays – some things simply belong to a trade fair stand. And yet not all counters are the same, not all displays are the same. Winkels takes up the needs and transforms them into an individual design with a focus on distinctiveness and particularly convenient handling. This is where details make all the difference
Quality difference
. Not every one will be boldly thrust upon the trade show visitor, but all will work. Of course, all of this applies to any scale. Whether international locations or special constructions – we look forward to every challenge.

Test assembly

When it comes to complex projects, many exhibitors play it safe. Winkels Interior Design Exhibition is one of the exhibition partners that also offer trial set-ups. This allows you to fully inspect your stand before it is used here on the Lower Rhine or elsewhere. In the past, we built and set up an entire film studio for a client, where a commercial for premium sanitary products could be shot at short notice. A good trade fair partner is always a good partner when it counts.

Planning a sustainable trade fair stand

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important to many companies. An exhibition stand can distinguish itself as sustainable through environmentally friendly and recyclable materials, but also through reusability. Because even individual exhibition stand construction today does not necessarily mean “for one-time use”. On the one hand, it is possible to plan in such a way that the individual elements and modules can be reused in a different context. On the other hand, we have also set ourselves up for storage.

Realistic planning of your exhibition stand

Our company was founded in 1962 as a joinery. In the 70s and 80s, the foundation was laid for our current core expertise in the field of exhibition stand construction and, above all, for the continuing success of our company. We have made a name for ourselves with the realisation of individual stand concepts and high quality. Realistic, on-time and on-budget planning are therefore an integral part of our service.

No trade fair that we have not yet visited; no challenge that we have not yet mastered!

What goals do you want to achieve with your trade fair stand?