Stand builder Winkels – 1750 m² for ORA and WEY in Paris

In October 2022 the Paris Motor Show opened its gates once more – and Winkels was there

Great Wall Motor Europe presented the ORA and WEY brands at the Paris Motor Show in October 2022.

The show stand, 1750 m² and partly on two levels, was created by our partner Mutabor Design GmbH and built in our production halls. Winkels Interior was also responsible for the overall implementation and operations (graphics, media and lighting).

While ORA presented the fully electric Funky Cat, Funky Cat GT and The Next Ora Cat models, the premium brand WEY presented the plug-in hybrids Coffee 01 and Coffee 02 to the international public. Their introduction to the European market had already been announced at the last International Motor Show Germany (IAA). The highlights at the stand included a live performance by an artist and the game of boules, which is particularly popular in France.

The space, developed by Mutabor and realised and built by Winkels, was implemented entirely in B1 quality. The fittings were tailor-made with multiple use in mind. At the end of the show, specialists also prepared all the floral elements for reuse.

It was a successful show all round!

Great Wall Motor Europe

ORA & WEY @ Pariser Autosalon 2022

Project management
Assembly, disassembly

Mutabor Design GmbH

Mutabor Design GmbH