Breaking new ground

We have partnered with the architecture studio 1zu33 for many years and successfully completed a wide variety of projects. Our latest collective endeavour: Neff’s ‘Creative Home’ at the house4kitchen in Löhne.

Carefully selected, high-quality and natural materials, modern colours, current design elements and attention to detail set the stage for showcasing the brand in style. Winkels is in charge of implementing the new room structure (wall positioning, route guidance system, ceiling, wall and floor design) and furnishing the open-plan launch spaces and offices with real brick veneers, shelving systems with a specially painted rusty-looking surface and various kitchen furnishings. The steel greenhouse roof with red and green transparent glass above the central ‘sociable table’ is just one special feature of many.

The manufacturer of built-in household appliances is displaying its product and marketing innovations in the 250 m² showroom. Although the coronavirus pandemic prevents the highlights and trends of 2020 from being presented at the Area30 trade fair as planned, digital solutions are being used to show off the innovations in an informative and inspiring manner.

BSH Haushaltsgeräte GmbH

NEFF Showroom „house4kitchen“, Löhne

Project Management